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2017 GOALS

On April 11, 2017, the Missaukee County Board of Commissioners voted to allow the Missaukee County Commission on Aging to become a 501c3. We are excited about this opportunity and are confident this will be a transparent transition for our clients. To remain focused on the needs of our clients, the Board of Directors approved an abbreviated set of goals for 2017.

Focus on the re-organization of the COA's business model.

Establish a Missaukee County Senior Millage Committee.

2016 GOALS

Identify, and address through services, unmet needs of Missaukee County residents age 60 and older.

  • Expand current transportation offerings.
  • Essential shopping.
  • Medication pick-up.
  • Deliver programs to homebound.
  • Offer services to decrease social isolation.

Remain fiscally sound through judicious use of tax payer and client funds.

  • Assess service fee structure.
  • Employ best management practices for accounts receivable and payble.
  • Seek grant opportunities which support and/or expand services to our residents.
  • Develop a capital improvement plan (5 year plan).

History of the Missaukee County Commission on Aging

The Missaukee County Commission on Aging first began serving the seniors of the county on October 1, 1998. Pam Niebrzydowski, R.N., was hired as the first director of the agency. Senior Care Services offered included homemaking, home chore, respite care and transportation. The agency was funded through a county-wide millage.

In June of 1999, Missaukee County and Health Department #10 signed an intergovernment agreement establishing the Missaukee County Commission on Aging (MCCOA) as a separate, governmental entity. A Board of Directors, its members from the county at large, provides oversight to the agency.

Within just a few years of its foundation, the MCCOA was serving nearly 300 Missaukee County residents across all its Senior Care Services. All programs are intended to help keep the seniors safe and independent in their homes. As needs were identified, new programs were added, such as snow removal services, partially funded by the county millage.

Today, our Senior Care Services include Medicare assistance, Senior Sidekick, footcare, personal care, and medication setup. We staff two nurses, including an R.N. who manages the nearly 30 Client Service Providers. We have adopted as our mission, “…to keep the seniors of our county safe and independent in their homes through education, advocacy, and services.”

Our in home clients now number over 500; we will assist over 200 seniors with their Medicare and Medicaid enrollment; we provide footcare and medication setup to about 50 clients; and almost 150 clients will have snow removal services through the COA.

We operate with the same number of office staff as we have for the last 13 years. Niebrzydowski served as director for 14 years. In July of 2016, Natalie Davis was hired by the Board of Directors as the new Executive Director. And on October 11, 2016, we moved into new offices to better serve our clients.

Our vision for the future is to continue to expand our Senior Care Services to meet the needs of our ever increasing senior population. The programs will be dynamic to meet the ever changing needs of a new generation of older adults.

We will continue to provide all services with compassion and professionalism in following our mission of keeping the seniors of our county safe and independent in their homes through education, advocacy, and services.

It is our honor to do this for our seniors.


Corinne Pree, R.N.

Director of Client Services

Holly Davis

Business Manager   

Shannon Scarbrough, CIRS-A/D

Support Services Manager

Teri Dick, L.P.N.

Staff Nurse

Natalie Davis 

Executive Director

Jackie Mosher 

Office Volunteer 

Board of Directors

Pastor Larry Shetenhelm
Member at Large

Mistie Martin
Member at Large/Vice Chair

James Prehn
Member at Large/Secretary

Aldyne Ebels
Member at Large/Treasurer

Bill Mosher
Member at Large 

Sharon Pintrick
Member at Large 

Arleen Hutchinson
Member at Large

Star Hughston
County Board of Commissioners

Dean Smallegan 
County Board of Commissioners